How to use Holofy Spaces
In-app tools to create and edit videos on the go 🤳
Now that we have got all the nuances and do’s and don’ts out of the way, it is time to start implementing them!

We have made it super easy for you to film videos in-app and made sure to include all the necessary tools to help you achieve top quality Digital Viewings! With everything you need in your pocket - be mobile ready, anywhere and on the go.
It’s easy to edit, cutting down the processing time significantly - in fact, it’s 30x faster than using a video platform like Vimeo.

With the pre-existing Video Pills you will be able to tell the best story of the space. Though it’s important to keep the sequence in a logical and consistent order, never fear, for you can move the videos around in the best way you see fit.

You can always make changes without having to redo everything all over again. New content will be automatically synced, so it always stays up-to-date.
How it’s done👇
How to use
You always have the option to upload already filmed videos from your camera roll. However, in case you want to use the advantages of the editing tools, please make sure you have a good connection while at the property to make sure your videos upload and save successfully.
As we have mentioned before, it is vital to keep your videos short so the viewer is hooked at all times. Ensure they don’t run past 2 minutes in length; we have an integrated timer located at the top of the screen while filming to help you keep it in line.
Post - Production
Pill naming
The first stage in the filming process starts off with a Pill Title, you can rename them later on if needed, however it is good to think of the structure beforehand to film the content in a coherent order.
Trim, re-position & delete
Overrun in length? Need to move the snippets of video around? Want to re-shoot and get rid of a certain section? We’ve got you covered: everything done on the spot with the swipe of a finger.
Re - ordering
In case you realise that the order is still not on point, or you want to feature a specific section because it performs better, you can rearrange the already existing pills around to nail the perfect flow.
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