Expert 1/2
The Agent’s Charm
More memorable = more business 🤑
Seeing and hearing you in video is the first encounter an applicant will have with yourself, though it isn’t a physical meet, first impressions still count. Leaving a lasting impression will make people talk about you, therefore accelerating the sales and renting process and if your presentation is truly worth remembering it will definitely bring more business in and recommendations.
Be real to earn trust 🤝
Being yourself will help humanise you as an agent and help the viewers connect on an emotional level. This as a result will make them more open to trusting you and what you have to say. As a bonus, viewers are also more likely to forgive anything from the imperfections to do with video all the way to the little issues the property might have.
Don’t be another brick in the wall 🧱
In a World, where salesmanship has been standardised to overused language and tricks, let your personality, values and style shine through in your presentation. Being yourself will help your agency build a reputation in which they “get people” and their individual particularities while finding their perfect home. For instance, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, tell the viewers how the terrace would make for a perfect home gym.

Clients will have a preference for the agent that matches their lifestyle and values when presenting and marketing their property.
How it’s done👇
How to add your charm
Be Seen
Third - person view
We recommend you don’t film first-person but rather use third-person view so that the audience can put a face to the voice, this establishes relationship with the viewer from the get-go and makes them feel as though they already know you.
Be You
Introduce yourself as a three-dimensional person and not just as an agent - leave clues in your outfit and language that reflect who you truly are and what you care about. Are you the Rock & Roll fan? The vegan or yoga enthusiast? The straight to the fact pragmatic problem solver? The foodie? The young mom?
& Be Heard
Voice your opinions
Put yourself in the shoes of the client and imagine how you would live in the space to offer suggestions:

If you’re a fresh grad, tell them how you would buy a ping-pong net for the dining table and convert it into a perfect table tennis challenge for you and your flatmates.

If you’re a gourmand tell them how the kitchen window sill is perfect for growing basil and that the Farmers’ Market is just a 10 minute stroll down the road.
One size will not fit all
And that's ok! Being authentic and subjective is a double edge sword: it will have incredible power to attract those who share the same beliefs but it will also push away many that don’t share similar values. As anything worth its salt it comes with inherent risk.
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