How a customer-centric Real Estate Agency exponentially grew their business in just 8 weeks
Paramount Properties is one of the top 3% Real Estate Agenices in the UK for both Lettings & Sales.
London, United Kingdom
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"The elevator pitch for Paramount would be very simple: we embrace technology, we remove the repetitive red, provide brilliant customer service, by always putting the customer at the centre of what we do."
We met Spencer Lawrence a couple of months ago through pure serendipity, but what made us keep in touch was a shared belief in building Human Centred Businesses through the aid of technology and equally our mutual hate for repetitive robot work.

Spencer is the Managing Director of Lettings for West Hampstead-based Paramount Properties, an Agency that is industry-leading winning time and time again awards for it’s successes, innovation, and charity work. So needless to say they were already doing great before the pandemic but due to their strategic thinking and willingness to embrace drastic change - not only did they keep open and thrived during the Spring lockdown, but today their business is booming across the board with August 2020 becoming their all-time record breaking month!

This change was partly enabled by an idea that sparked due to lockdown, to Digitally Transform the business and find more people their new home - from the comfort of their current home!

Because we believe results speak louder than words, we gathered a quick synopsis of an interview we had with Spencer regarding the key changes Paramount has encountered since starting their Digital Transformation with Holofy Spaces mere 8 weeks ago.
Faster to Market
“Adam called out this morning after closing a deal sight unseen and said to me “Spence, why didn’t we use video sooner? This has taken me 3 minutes to do, 20 minutes invested in the flat, then 3 minutes to process it and we’re done and move on to the next one.”
New Strike Rate
“Our strike rate has improved from 1 in 8 to 1 in 3 and obviously Holofy plays a massive part in that by giving the consumer everything that they need to know even before picking up the phone to ask.”
Market share of NW2 & NW6
“In our two core areas that we cover: NW2 and NW6 there are 68 agencies, some that are big corporates that have done a 3rd or less deals than we have in the same period. Comparing us to us, we have a 75% growth compared to where we were last year.”
Larger portfolio mile radius
“There is no geographical constraints [with Video Viewings]. In a 10 year period from being top + 2miles, now we have up to 40% of our properties that are out of the usual agency radius. If you are liaising with your team that it will take an hour round trip, now since video is a true reflection of what that property is then you will make that drive with more certainty.”
Landlords trying to negotiate down fees
“The widget on the website is cool and it is a massive USP for us at the moment with owners - I’ve had not one person even negotiate on fees.”
Uptake in repair & refurbishment works
“With [Video Viewings] I don’t need to talk about the property or to send loads of images, it’s all there for him [owner] to see. And he was like “Wow, we really need to do this, I need to do that, I wanna do this, think about doing this at the end of October.”
Energy & focus are up
“The energy is up because they [Agents] know where they can focus their time and they are not trudging through: “Oh, I’ve got to go and drive and see this one, oh they didn’t turn up, on the way they told me they were late...” all of that nonsense, goes away.”
More team work & less tension
“[Holofy Spaces] has had a major impact on the team coming together and actually bickering less. Because what they don’t know is who’s looking at the video when they’re driving into work, when they’re at another appointment, when they’re having a chat etc. So they know, they’ve all got a vested interested to do their best to work with and for each other.”
Win - Win - Win - Win
“It [Holofy Spaces] is a Win-Win-Win-Win for everybody involved, as I see it the conversation piece with each of them would be:”
“They are really excited  because they can see that their properties are getting more views and are being let quicker.” 
“Another benefit of Holofy Spaces is that there’s been a massive reduction in physical viewings. Our current Residents need to accommodate far fewer interruptions during their last few months in their property.” 
The Team
“They’d never go back. Because properties let quicker, this tool allows our consultants to find more applicants their perfect home.” 
“Applicants can view and compare as many properties as they like, over and over again, whenever and wherever suits them best. They can quickly discount the “no’s” without wasting any time or effort booking and attending a viewing.”
“Do you want to get more to people look at your property faster?”
“Do you want to be bugged while you’re living in a property in the last 2 months of your tenancy?”
The Team
“Do you want to be able to do twice as many deals by retaining the same number of consultants you’ve got?”
“Do you want to view 15-20 flats while you’re sitting in the bath and discount 15 of them while you’re not wasting any time?”
To find out how the idea for digital transformation was sparked for Paramount & their journey to these amazing results, head to our Medium account to read the full story told in rich details by Spencer himself.