Basic 2/3
The Hero Video
The window front 🛍
Imagine that you are window shopping on the high street, the “Hero Video” is the equivalent of the shop window front where you advertise what you are selling and entice customers to “walk in”, either by showing the most popular feature with the “Property Highlight” or a curated sample of different property features the space has on offer like the “Snap Preview”.
Short and sweet 🍬
Since this is the video that is supposed to pack the biggest punch and lure viewers in, keep it between 15 to maximum 30 seconds: as studies show this is the optimum time people are willing to pay attention in order to decide if what they are looking at is relevant to them.
How it’s done👇
How to film a Hero Video️
Property Highlight
Pretty self explanatory - make a short video showing and narrating the highlight of the property, for example, the cozy fireplace, a rooftop terrace with breathtaking city views or a charming private garden.
Can be risky
Beware that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and whatever you personally might find amazing could leave some of your viewers unimpressed.
Snap Preview
Inspired by a TikTok video with 258.5K views in response to the #housetour trend - the “Snap Preview” is a series of super short snippet videos featuring every area of the property in a rapid succession - think of it as the fastfood of the Digital Viewing.
More effort = big reward
This is our preferred type of “Hero Video” as it removes your subjective gaze and quickly allows each viewer to see and decide for themselves what is considered a highlight and what is not.
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