Basic 1/3
Basic Do’s & Don’ts
Prepare the space💡
Make sure there is nothing obstructing your way to avoid bumping and tripping over things thus having to re-film. Open up the blinds to let natural light in. Turn on the lights where needed. Prop the doors open for easier access.
Prepare yourself  📝
Don’t move or speak too quickly as nobody wants to feel rushed. Have a quick plan in your head of what you are about to say to avoid ‘uuuums’ and ‘hmmms’, not only does it save you valuable time to say what really matters, it also allows for a better presentation. Speak slowly and clearly to let the viewers pick up on all of the important bits.
Prepare your phone 📱
Clean lens = clear video

Make sure that the camera lens on your phone is clean and unobstructed by something like the phone case, your sleeves or finger whilst filming.  

Unobstructed microphone = clear audio

Ensure that the position in which you hold the phone in your hand does not obstruct the microphone otherwise your voice will be muffled.
How it’s done👇
How to film
Visual Quality
Make it appealing
To start filming, pick the most visually pleasing view to begin with then slowly move onto the subject of the video, make the first 5 seconds engaging for the viewers!
Pan slowly
Take your time and pan the camera slowly and smoothly so viewers can process the information at their own pace.
Visual Knowledge
Capture the context
Film from your perspective and make sure to be at a distance of at least 2 - 2.5 m when filming the overall layout of the room or big objects so they are discernible in the frame.
Capture the smaller details
When filming appliances or details, ensure you are far enough so the viewer can see the object in the context of the space it is in.
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