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Next generation.
Video tours.
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Create on the go
The Holofy Spaces App is intuitive to use and allows anyone to film and edit property video tours all from the phone. It's as simple as that. No training required.
Share via a Direct Link
Each tour has a unique link, which you can share with prospective clients across multiple platforms.
Embed on Marketplaces
Easily embed tours on any Marketplace or third party platform with a simple copy-paste.
Publish on Your Website
Video tours become available on your website listing in the form of a responsive Widget.
See our case studies
Get a deeper understanding of how the solutions we provide helped our clients to grow their business exponentially.
Spencer Lawrence
Lettings Director at Paramount Properties
“In our two core areas that we cover: NW2 and NW6, there are 68 agencies, some that are big corporates that have done third or fewer deals than we have in the same period. Comparing us to us, we have a 75% growth compared to where we were last year.”
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Showcase your portfolio
With Holofy TV, cross-selling happens naturally. Within a swipe, potential leads get exposed to your whole portfolio, which increases the chances of them finding what they are looking for much easier and faster.
Room by room
Viewers can navigate to the point of interest, helping acquire quality prospects who are ready to move onto the next stage.
Contextual CTA’s follow your videos everywhere they go
Attach custom call to action buttons to each tour and convert your prospects into quality leads on the spot!
Taking care of the whole sales process
We are excited to reveal some of the upcoming features, which will make Holofy a sales tool that will be there for you every step of the way.
Measure Engagement Granularly
Turn to in-app analytics to view video engagement per property, per room.
Share Custom Collections
Share specific tours with your leads depending on their interests and requirements.
Manage Your Leads
Get valuable insights into the engagement of your leads with shared tours.
Blockchain backed video authenticity
Authentic by all means. Videos uploaded in the app are securely stored and proven to be inalterable.
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Stored Indefinitely
If enabled, a video saved on a decentralised file storage system is accessible by authorised users on the blockchain indefinitely, independent of Holofy infrastructure.
Retrievable by Owner
Every video is secured by a private hash key that allows the owner to access and view the stored video file on the blockchain network.
Inalterable Metadata
Timestamps, location metadata, and video integrity are guaranteed to be inalterable, making videos an ideal medium for inventory management.
Trusted by thousands of customers Worldwide
We continue to expand our digital footprint with thousands of active users across the Globe and counting.
Involve your whole team
Invite team members from your dedicated dashboard to track their performance and manage at scale.
Performance differentiators
Manage your team’s portfolio all from the Dashboard. Advanced real-time content analytics section gives you data on each performing segment at any given time frame.

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Get a head start
We want our clients to make the best out of the solutions we provide so that while we focus on technology, you can focus on excelling in your business.
Best practices
There is no training required to use our App; however, we believe certain principles help make a video tour a genuinely immersive experience. That's why we created a Holofy Spaces Academy, where agents can turn to for tips and tricks to help them get started.
White paper
With the current events, it is clear that the new normal is here to stay and that businesses need to adapt to these changes rapidly; real estate is no exception.

Here you will find an in-depth report filled with up-to-date research, industry insights and solutions to help you get ahead of the game.
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