Viewings are going Digital. So are Real Estate Agencies.

Tap into the power of video and deep analytics to exponentially grow your Real Estate Business.

Close exponentially more deals with the same number of consultants


Fast & Superior Exposure

Created in 20 mins and available 24/7 instantly, Digital Viewings give properties superior exposure with significantly less effort, stress, time away from consultants & applicants than traditional in-person viewings.

Higher Engagement & Retention

Increased rate of matching applicants with properties by enabling fast navigation to relevant sections so applicants can evaluate if the property meets their must-have criteria or has any deal-breakers.

The engaging content and convenience to shortlist properties keeps applicants within your own agency looking for alternative options before moving on to a competitor.

Quality Leads

The convenient customer experience has a two fold effect: to qualify non-serious prospectors out, and to get qualified leads ready to make an offer at first contact, without ever having stepped foot in the property!

Paramount Properties

How a customer-centric Real Estate Agency started a Digital Transformation of their business and managed to exponentially grow with the same team in just 8 weeks.

Expand your reach and customer base without having to open new branches

Onboard new properties beyond your neighbourhood to city wide level & reach clients regardless of where they are with Digital Viewings.

Upgrade your service quality by increasing employee satisfaction

Decreased Stress

Exponential reduction in stress by not needing to coordinate between current residents & applicants for scheduling, never stuck in traffic, never late, never having to deal with a late or no-show viewing etc.

Meaningful Interactions

Free up time for consultants to build and nurture relationships and help home seekers with additional services like loans, mortgages or investment strategies. Both making their job more meaningful & increasing the quality of your service.

Increased Team Work

As focus shifts from how many flats someone can show in a day to a vested interest in everyone doing well, it naturally drives consultants to work with & for each other.

Win more quality instructions with clear service differentiators

Transparent Marketing

Landlords can see with their own eyes how their property is being presented to clients & the performance of their listing just by reviewing the Digital Viewing made by their consultant online.

Premium Consultants

Enthusiastic agents who clearly love their job and can dedicate time to create & nurture relationships will most likely be the most attractive agents around, and will win business every time - even if they are more expensive!

Effective Involvement

Objective data to help the landlord evaluate & decide with their agent on quick measures for course-correction of an underperforming instruction.

Strategic Insight

Live actionable data to help you objectively evaluate and improve the quality of your listings, portfolio & team performance.

Per Property

Get Live data on the number of leads and their interest based on the total average engagement time. Understand what room or feature is most sought after in the market. Have a historical record of how quickly an offer was made and moved off the market.

Per Viewing

Get insights into the mind of applicants like never before.
Evaluate interest based on the overall time they spend looking at the property and the time spent in sections can tell you what their must-haves are and what could be a deal-breaker when dropping off.

Per Agent

See first hand how well an Agent is skilled at presenting a property. Use data to objectively determine if a listing is underperforming due to an Agent's fault or bad instruction.
Evaluate the speed it takes them to move a listing off the market.

Per Agency

Live data on portfolio & revenue value. Average closing rate & transition time of a property from one stage to another. Reward & learn from your top 10 best  
performing agents & properties & help the bottom 10 that struggle.
Spaces Academy
At Holofy we believe that we are only as successful as you are, that is why our goal is to enable you to get the most out of your Digital Transformation. The Spaces Academy is packed with useful tips, advice and example videos, that will help you make truly memorable Digital Viewings and as a result bring in more business.

White Paper

We believe certain tasks are best suited for robots that’s why we built human-centred software that gives people time back to focus on what is innately human: strategy, creating & nurturing relationships.

Have a sneak peak at the rationale & philosophy behind it.


Digital Transformation That Takes Hours not Years

Digital Transformation is a long and complicated process most times. We focused on speed, reliablity and compatibility, so no matter what your existing system or processes are, we can have you up and running in no time.

Works with any web technology

Seamlessly integrating with your existing web technology and optimised for speed.

World Class API’s that connects with your CRM

Powerful API’s that allow you to flow information even easier onto our systems from your existing CRM’s.

team adoption

We have designed our applications from ground up to be simple and intuitive. So adoption comes as natural as posting an Instagram story.

Dedicated business support

Reliability and customer support are at the center of everything we do. That’s why with every account you have a dedicated business support assosciate.

Transparent pricing and flexible plans


Try out Holofy Spaces and make up your own mind

→ Unlimited Videos
→ Up to 10GB Streaming / Month
→ 24/7 Support



Ideal for Realtors with up to 5 Active Properties per Month

→ Unlimited Videos

→ One Seat

→ 50GB of Streaming/Month

→ In-App Analytics

→ Standard Support

$9/ month



Ideal for Realtors with up to 50 Active Properties per Month

→ Unlimited Videos

→ 10 Team Member Seats

→ 500GB of Streaming/Month

→ In-App Analytics

→ Advanced Dashboard Analytics

→ 24/7 Support

$99/ month


Business +

Ideal for Realtors with up to 150 Active Properties per Month

→ Unlimited Videos

→ 30 Team Member Seats

→ 1.5 TB of Streaming/Month

→ In-App Analytics

→ Advanced Dashboard Analytics

→ Content Creation Support

→ 24/7 Support

$299/ month



If you are a large real estate business with a large number of monthly active spaces reach out for an estimate tailored to your needs.